From an invitation to a picture frame

Special wedding invitations that transform into a picture frame

Exclusive PaperBoutique development: after the wedding, your guests can replace the invitation text insert with a photograph of the wedding or with any other picture. They will be reminded of your wedding every time they look at the elegant frame.



KeepON wedding invitations may be ordered in any design from our DUO-400 and DUO-500 collections.
All of the marrying couples we meet want to elevate their wedding to the level of an unforgettable event. Each one of these couples knows and feels that their wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so meticulous planning and careful attention must be devoted to every detail. The wedding invitation is their way to convey to their invitees the message that their wedding is going to be a unique, memorable event.


הזמנת keepON - מזכרת מארוע בלתי נשכח


We decided to find a way to preserve the image of the event in everyone’s memory – for you, the couple getting married, as well as for your guests. We reached the conclusion that all of the design skills and technological resources invested in each invitation produced by PaperBoutique should be harnessed to the task of developing a new kind of invitation.


The Idea: Beyond the Moment

We live in a world that keeps moving forward, but it also relates to the past and we all cherish the beautiful past moments that surface in our memory.
The wedding, although it is just a fleeting moment, is a fundamental element in the cycle of life. It is a point of change and the first indication on the way to the creation of new life. These axioms led us to the idea of developing wedding invitations that will remain with you and your guests even after the wedding – invitations that will accompany you wherever you may go.
The result: our KeepON invitation – an invitation that transforms into a frame for a photograph from your memorable event.


הזמנת keepON - מזכרת מארוע בלתי נשכח


By adding a folding “kickstand” to each invitation, your prestigious invitation may be transformed, in three easy steps, into a practical picture frame for you and your guests.
The printed invitation insert is removed from the original frame and replaced by a standard size photograph taken during the event – or by any other picture of photograph. The result is a prestigious picture frame produced by laser cutting, which your guests can keep for a long time after the wedding (our special “kickstand” may be added to any design from our DUO-400 and DUO-500 invitation design series).



Lasting Design – a Global Trend

The ‘lasting design’ trend directly reflects the recycling trend that has dominated the design world in recent years. According to this design concept, the life of a product does not end when it is no longer needed – products should offer the option of an additional, different function.
Alternately, they may be dismantled so that their parts may be reused, or they should simply be recyclable.
The new KeepON invitations from PaperBoutique do not become useless on the night of the event, after the guests have arrived.
At this point they are transformed into something else that keeps on moving in time.



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