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Greeting Cards Personally Assembled by the Guests

A part of the wedding branding effort includes the gift given to the guests at the end of the wedding event.
The idea of giving our guests a gift stems from our desire to thank our guests for participating in our wedding event.
There are event magnets and wedding magnets that you attach to the refrigerator, but sometimes you want to surprise with a more sophisticated gift, a gift that would really stir emotion and happiness among the young and old alike.
The way to do it is to use the “Puzzle-Tov” greeting card – a self-assembled card that converts into a blossoming 3D potted plant that you can place on a shelf or on your desk and remember the exciting event every time you look at it.

Event Branding & Personal Branding

The card is a personally-branded greeting card that carries specific details of the event, like the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date.
This is an excellent way to thank the guests who have honored us with their presence at the wedding, and give them a self-assembled flower they can keep.
An Internet link in the form of a QR barcode will refer those who find the assembly process difficult to a video that would guide them through the process.
A personally-branded greeting card is just one of an extensive range of products that help brand the event, such as custom-designed serviette rings, unique table number signs, surprising dragée confectionery boxes and menus that match the dinner table centerpiece, as well as personalized seating cards, RSVP cards and more.
Branding intensifies the perceived uniqueness and prestige of the event and conveys a personal emotion, message or proclamation of gratitude to the guests.

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