Exclusive Wedding Invitations

A Prestigious Wedding Invitation – the Moment to Blossom

Wedding invitations are much more than an invitation to attend an event. They are the starting point of a-once-in-a-lifetime event. They are the first bud on the way to this wonderful event you are about to celebrate. You distribute the invitations to the four corners of the earth, among the people you love, and as the date gets nearer – the excitement grows. Eventually, the invitations will lead your invitees to the blossoming peak of this wonderful period – the wedding ceremony and the celebration that follows.
The prestigious wedding invitations by PaperBoutique are designed and produced with this important and exciting moment in mind. They are planned as an integral part of the branding and design theme of your event, with some sincere thought devoted to the guests you are inviting, the character of the event and, naturally – your own unique, personal style. We at PaperBoutique pay particular attention to the smallest details of the invitation, and enable you to select from an extensive range of designs, paper types and styles.
The result is an impressive-looking and prestigious-feeling invitation that would signal to your invitees to start getting excited in anticipation for the event.

KeepON Invitations – the Invitation that Converts to a Picture Frame & a Memento from the Event

When you want to add a new dimension to your wedding invitation – choose KeepON.
These are prestigious wedding invitations we developed right here at PaperBoutique, which convert into a picture frame – a nice memento from your event.
The guest receiving the invitation is moved, for the first time, by the significance of the moment. Subsequently, he is moved once again when he/she realizes that the invitation converts to a picture frame. This is accomplished by extending a kickstand concealed at the back of the invitation. Finally, the guest is moved for the third time when he/she inserts a memento photograph from the happy event in the KeepON frame, and your invitation becomes yet another sweet memory.

Prestigious Invitations – Consult Us

PaperBoutique specializes in the manufacture of unique invitations and complementary branding products for special events.
The Company combines designers possessing extensive experience in the special events industry with the use of unique paper design techniques. We offer our clients changing collections of invitations – all made up of proprietary models developed by the resident designers of PaperBoutique. Contact us and our designers will help you customize the most appropriate invitation for your event.
Our website presents a collection of special invitations for weddings, Bar-Mitzvah/Bat-Mitzvah events and Bris/Brita events, along with such complementary branding products as custom-designed wine glass ornaments, seating cards, serviette rings and gift boxes for the guests, et al. We offer special event invitations to private individuals and corporate clients.
All of our custom-designed, exciting and innovative products are meticulously finished, reflect our attention to the smallest details and include the details of the event (the names of the bride and groom, the date and other details) – all with the intention of moving your guests.
Additionally, invitations can be custom-designed to your specific requirements.

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