Original Wedding Invitations

An Original Invitation to an Original Wedding

In order to be original, one has to be creative! So we thought how we may produce an original wedding invitation, move your guests but still do it all without adversely affecting the prestige and style of your event, and, naturally – still retain and fulfill the traditional function of the invitation: inform the guests where and when the wedding will take place.
One way to do it is offered by our KeepON invitations (an exclusive PaperBoutique development). These original wedding invitations from our Duo collection convert, through a simple and easy folding process, into a surprising picture frame – an exciting memento for your guests from the event. This invitation is kept for a long time after the event has ended.
The guest is moved for the first time while opening the envelope, at the sight of your wedding invitation. Immediately thereafter, he is moved once again when the invitation converts to a picture stand with a lace frame, using the kickstand concealed at the back of the invitation. Until the wedding, the invitation will occupy pride of place at your guest’s home, and after the wedding your invitation will be showcased for its new function – a picture frame. Now your guests will be able to look at your photograph and remember your exciting event.

Your Own is the Most Original

The technology and work method behind the PaperBoutique invitations enable you to produce personal-style invitations that fully match the design and branding theme of your wedding.

Want to see and feel everything up close?

We will be delighted if you contact us by E-Mail or by telephone and set up a meeting with our designers, so that you may obtain all of the information you need in order to select the right and most appropriate invitation for your original event.
At the meeting, you will actually see the various options, the colors, the paper types as well as our complementary branding products: spectacular wine glass ornaments, personally-branded dragée confectionery boxes, custom-designed hand fans with the details of the event laser-cut into them and many other items.

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