Save The Date

Save the date – So that everyone actually attend

When you produce an important event, you normally have a meaningful date in mind (December 13, 2013 – 13/12/13 – was Friday the 13th…).
So we thought of a date and booked the venue, but the wedding is four months from now and it’s too early to send out the invitations. How do we inform all of our invitees to save that date?
A Save-the-Date card is a card posted immediately after the date has been set, asking the invitees to save that date so as to ensure that they attend our wedding.
This card serves as a foreword to the wedding invitation, which is often accompanied by an RSVP card – a request for confirmation of attendance.
True to tradition, we designed our Save-the-Date cards in a way that will surprise and excite the invitees.
A Save-the-Date card precedes the wedding invitation and makes the invitees aware of the forthcoming wedding event.
A prestigious Save-the-Date card will serve as a respectable preamble to a prestigious wedding invitation which, in its way, will also build up anticipation to the elaborate event you are producing.
A Save-the-Date card, as well as a custom-designed wedding invitation, announce the start of the wedding period and will match the design theme of the over-all event.
Additionally, as complementary products for the wedding branding effort, we offer custom-designed serviette rings, ornaments for glasses that personally address the guests, custom-designed menus and table numbers that match the over-all branding theme.
The added value – all of the branding products containing a direct, personal address are intended for the guests, who take these items home as mementos of the wedding party neither you nor them would want to forget.


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