Unique Wedding Invitations

Want a Unique Wedding Invitation?

A custom-designed wedding invitation, produced using the laser-cutting technology, is your way of surprising your guests and causing them to wait for your wedding with anticipation. At PaperBoutique you can have a firsthand impression of our selection of special wedding invitations that include complex laser-cut patterns, special lace invitations on quality paper and countless new designs.
Special wedding invitations are an inseparable part of the planning and production of every wedding, particularly a special wedding – where the guests can feel and see that time, thought and effort had been invested in the planning of the event. The invitation is the first thing the guests will be introduced to in connection with your event, and it is always important to invest in the first impression so that you may succeed in moving your guests.
Bear in mind that special wedding invitations are invitations that you do not find just anywhere, and that they should be produced to the highest quality standards. Observing these things will guarantee joyous invitations that would not fail to raise a smile and stir emotions.

Personal is Special

The invitation that matches your style is the one that your guests would like to receive. This is the kind of invitation that you would feel most comfortable handing over and that would cause your invitees to start preparing for the event the moment they have received it. PaperBoutique offers an extensive range of standard designs as well as the option of customizing invitations for the marrying couple.

Give your Guests a Memento from the Event – KeepON Invitations

DUO collection wedding invitations are special wedding invitations (a special and exclusive PaperBoutique development) that convert into a moving memento from the wedding.
Every invitation from this series converts, through a simple, easy folding process, into a picture stand with a decorative laser-cut frame. The guest receives the invitation and when he or she opens the envelope he/she is moved at the sight of the special invitation. Subsequently, he/she will be moved once again when the invitation he/she holds in his/her hand converts into an elegant frame for a poignant photograph, all by folding and extending a kickstand at the back of the invitation.

Special Invitations by PaperBoutique

PaperBoutique is a paper design house specializing in the manufacture of special invitations and complementary branding products for special events. PaperBoutique offers its customers changing collections of wedding invitations that fit different wedding styles, such as white wedding, prestigious wedding, fairy-tale wedding, lace designs, et al.
Our website presents a collection of special invitations for weddings, Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah events, Bris and “Brita” events, along with such complementary branding products as custom-designed seating cards, gift boxes, special serviette rings, customized wine glass ornaments, et al. All of our products are cut from high-quality paper with careful attention paid to the smallest details and include the details of the event: the names of the bride and groom, the date and any other detail.

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