Dragee Boxes

Branded dragée confectionery boxes with a personal touch – the gift for the guests you love

One of the most important elements in the planning of your wedding is focusing on the smallest details. Dozens of different elements turn the wedding ceremony into a special event. Custom-designed dragée confectionery boxes, carrying the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date, are an important element of the wedding branding effort.
This is also the point where we want to say “thank you” to the guests who came to celebrate our wedding event with us.
A prestigious dragée box filled with your choice of premium confectionery will leave a good taste on the way home or with the coffee on the following morning when your guests will be reminded of the wonderful moments of last night.
As a design item, our dragée boxes often find their way to your guests’ office desks, where they go on talking about last night’s exciting wedding.

Small Details – Big Change

A successful wedding production is a production people keep talking about on the following day. In most cases, they talk about the new things – the truly exciting things they had encountered or experienced.
Consequently, planning the various stages and details of the event is highly important: how the guest will arrive at the venue, what will make him or her feel that the event is truly different and successful and what memories will he or she keep from that enjoyable evening.
When everything is sorted out just right and the various details match the over-all design of the mood and atmosphere, the guests will feel the difference and the wedding will be elevated to a higher level of design.
Addressing your guests personally and paying attention to the smallest details through the design will be accomplished through such additional branding items as custom-designed, branded serviette rings, wine glass ornaments carrying the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date, custom-designed dinner menus for the table centerpiece and matching table numbers.

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