About PaperBoutique

PaperBoutique was established in order to design and create unique invitations, centerpieces and favors for exclusive events.
Every one of our invitations undergoes a development process handled by handpicked designers and laser cut professionals.

Our specialized skill lies in marrying print technologies with laser cut to create the most original and beautiful invitations, centerpieces and favors fitted personally for your special moment . The emphasis is on quality throughout, at each and every stage of the development process – from the selection of the individual designers, developers and raw materials, through the use of the most advanced production technologies, to the unique packaging of the finished product.

On this website, you will be able to find a selection of exclusive invitation designs of varying complexity levels, in a range of gorgeous colors. In addition, every design can be modified to suit your individual tastes and needs.

PaperBoutique is proud to present the very best invitation designs and event branding products available anywhere. Our clients appreciate quality and want the very best for themselves, their relatives and their friends.

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