Wedding Invitations

Special Wedding Invitations

In addition to the basic function of delivering the details of the event to the invitees in advance, a wedding invitation provides a sneak preview into the actual event.
A prestigious wedding invitation is an excellent way to build up the invitees’ anticipation to the exciting event you are producing. When the production is done right, then special wedding invitations will never fail to stir the invitees’ emotions even before they have arrived at the function hall or garden.
In view of the important role the invitation plays in promoting the event, it is highly recommended that it be a part of the over-all design theme of the event as a whole. Combining the invitation design with custom-designed and personally-branded serviette rings, special wine glass ornaments, custom-designed menus and table number signs will determine the design language of the event as a whole.
Our experience has shown that the moment when the invitation envelope is opened may impress, surprise and even stir emotions among the invited guests.
Our invitations are often kept by the guests because they are works of art in their own right, and because they have an additional function after the event ends – they convert into a picture frame that serves as a memento from the event.

Wedding Invitation Design with a Personal Touch

The stage when the invitations are produced is one of the most pleasant stages in the preparations for the event. Your personal taste, combined with our skills and capabilities, will bestow uniqueness and originality to your event.

Classic wedding invitations or modern wedding invitations?

Classic is always relevant, but a more modern trend indicates that you are cool, contemporary and have your own opinion.
Proper color matching and the use of the appropriate font will have a profound effect on the look of your invitation – we do not take these issues lightly.
You can surprise with the style of your invitation and continue to surprise throughout the event by using such additional branding products as special dragée confectionery boxes, personal seating cards, branded table ornaments and clever little Thank-You cards assembled by the guests.
Want to be even more unique and original? You do not have to adhere to the existing designs.
In many cases, we will be able to jointly find the way to make your event stand out.
At PaperBoutique you will find professionalism and attentiveness that would lead to a custom-designed invitation with the personal touch you requested, down to the smallest details.
We are always available by telephone or E-Mail, but warmly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to attend a meeting at our office. Nothing compares to actually seeing and feeling things up close. Our experience has shown that such a meeting will always be more enriching and will squeeze out the burst of creativity embedded in you.

Producing Wedding Invitations & Samples of Original Wedding Invitations

We work with a selection of smooth, metallic and textured paper types that are particularly suitable to the complexity of our work. Our digital printing work is performed by a state-of-the-art professional printing machine by Xerox in combination with high-quality paper types and matching envelopes made exclusively from the highest-grade paper by Prelude.
All of our invitations are designed and produced in our own studio – all under one roof.
The invitation production process is relatively fast and only lasts a few working days, so there is no need to stress out and make rash decisions. At the same time, we do not recommend that you wait until the last moment. In Israel, wedding invitations are normally distributed about a month prior to the event. If you have invitees overseas, you should send them the invitations earlier. In addition, you may use Save-the-Date cards a few months in advance, just to make sure that your guests actually save the date.
Contact us by telephone or via E-Mail and you can have a sample of a custom-designed wedding invitation of your choice that you would be able to present to the people closest to you. Do consult them and listen to their opinions.

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