Thank-you letters from satisfied customers

We are grateful to all of the couples who walked hand in hand with us toward their happiest moment and brought joy and pleasure to our hearts. We wish you lots of happiness and many, many beautiful moments.


When we chose the invitation for our wedding (a picture stand with a lace pattern), we chose it because it was beautiful and different from samples we had seen before. We never expected to hear such excited responses and compliments about it!
Dear Asaf and the wonderful team at PaperBoutique, you are doing a marvelous job and your materials are special, high-quality and very, very beautiful! Having seen your product, it is difficult to choose anything else.
A huge thank-you for your warm attitude, uncompromising quality and the twist you gave our wedding invitation, which significantly contributed to the atmosphere we were trying to create. Thanks!!! 
Or & Lior


Shalom Asaf,
I felt obliged to share.
So much enthusiasm in response to the invitations!
People come to me and ask about you, complimenting!
The invitations are amazing!!!
I never expected such success. People I do not know personally come to me to say a kind word and simply state how beautiful and special the invitation is.
Keep on succeeding and making people happy!
Kety & Avi


Admittedly, a long time has passed but I really wanted to thank you (again) for everything!!
For the cool concept invitations, for the beautiful table centerpieces, for the wine glass ornaments that really excited our guests… and more than everything – for your service!
Looking back now (definitely more objectively…) I can tell you with total honesty that I did not enjoy any of the preparations as much as I enjoyed the preparations with PaperBoutique.
It started with the excitement I felt whenever I came to your offices and discovered new creations – each one cooler than the other – every time.
It continued with your professionalism and the professionalism of your team generally, with your willingness not to settle for the standard things that were already available, but rather to work together in order to create the design that really suited our personalities.
I must say that it is obvious that your team is made up of very talented and creative people who really enjoy what they do and do not just see it as a market… This is very rare, especially in the wedding industry.
It was simply a pleasure working with you, to design the products together, and you even managed to put up with my indecision and my perfectionism!
We always received the products in time and they were all best quality. Our only surprises were good ones… I can honestly say that PaperBoutique was the only supplier we were totally relaxed working with.
All of our guests were excited about the invitations that convert into picture frames and may be kept as well as about the wine glass ornaments!
In any case, I will be delighted to post a recommendation on your website if there is such an option and you can, naturally – with pleasure – refer prospective customers to me for a recommendation!
Once again, thank you and have a nice week.
Lisa & Itamar


We came to PaperBoutique after we were disappointed by another supplier with whom we had almost finalized the order for the invitations.
We came to them after surfing the web and being impressed with the invitations presented on their website. At PaperBoutique we found unique invitations and an amazing design team.
We received countless compliments for our original invitations. Additionally, we ordered wine glass ornaments that became a central element of our design and made our event even more personal and impressive.
We received many, many positive responses regarding our beautiful invitations and wine glass ornaments, including a response from the resident designer of the hall where we were married, “Arugot Bosem”, and some of our guests have already requested the contact details of PaperBoutique for their future events.
We had a great time working with PaperBoutique, where we were treated personally and warmly, and we highly recommend them!
Revital & Kobi


Dear, talented Asaf and the entire PaperBoutique team,
A famous quotation says “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. You made the first impression of our wedding unforgettable!
Owing to the creativity, professionalism and uniqueness of your work, you printed an invitation for us that left not a single guest indifferent.
The number of phone calls we received after the guests had opened the envelopes was massive. You managed to convey, on a piece of paper, everything we wanted to convey throughout the wedding – class and originality.
These were complemented by Asaf’s warm attitude, excellent service etiquette and amazing interpersonal relations.
All 600 invitations were printed perfectly and accurately, and it was a pleasure for us to hand over each and every one of them.
Once again, thank you so much, you managed the impossible and produced an invitation that is precisely “us”.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
And – God willing – we will meet again at the B’rith…
Carmel & Oshik


To the PaperBoutique team and to Asaf,
Thank you for your courteous and prompt service.
We created a fantastic invitation and everyone who saw it was excited. The unforgettable invitation was the preparation for an unforgettable event.
The “reception” it provided definitely met all of our requirements and beyond… The numerous excited telephone calls we received just about the invitation only elevated the bar and the expectations…
No one is happier and more content than us for choosing you as our suppliers, and moreover – for the right choice we made selecting the invitation!
Everything came out excellent and beautiful – totally original and totally “us”!!!
Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
Maya & Danny


Even during my days as a student of interior decorating I loved working with you owing to your excellent customer service.
Prior to the wedding, it was highly important to our parents that our overseas guests receive an elegant and impressive invitation, and we looked for something that would be different from what you see elsewhere.
A schoolmate of mine recommended laser-cut invitations and we warmed up to the idea straight away. I must say that our guests from abroad fell in love with the invitation and said that they had never received such a special and beautiful invitation.
As usual, we received excellent professional service. Asaf was charming, he understood us right away and suggested various options and styles.
At our very first meeting we finalized an order for 200 invitations in French plus RSVP cards and matching envelopes, and 150 invitations in Hebrew.
All of my E-Mail messages were answered on the same day and everything went on exactly as expected. I recommend them wholeheartedly and without any doubts.
Laurence & Yigal


Dear Asaf,
We got married on November 24, 2013 at “Havat Ronit” – an event that may be summarized as rare by any standard.
One week before our event we went over to the venue in order to tie a few loose ends. There was a wedding of another couple in progress, and that’s when we were introduced to your amazing products for the first time.
We wanted a classic wedding and it did not seem right to us to hand out the usual magnets and knick-knacks. Nevertheless, we did want to give our guests some kind of memento, but something that would be a part of the design of the over-all event, and you dropped out of the sky like a hand in glove.
This was just the beginning of our love affair with you, as the way we were treated, personally and professionally, was simply a pleasure.
Since the wedding, we have received many compliments, among other things – about your butterflies, swings, fishermen and cacti… Everything simply added color and charm and enabled us to hand out an intelligent gift to our guests.
Thanks for everything!
Ya’ara & Erez


Dear Asaf & Ran,
After we closed the deals on the function hall, the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s suit, the photographer, the DJ, the design and so forth… one of the last things we considered was the issue of the invitations.
We knew we wanted something different, something special, not another standard, “outdated” invitation. We looked for ideas on the Internet and that’s how we arrived at PaperBoutique, to attend a meeting with Asaf and Ran, who presented a selection of amazing custom-designed invitations to us.
By asking a short series of questions, they understood our taste exactly and so they could focus our choice. We closed the deal with them on the same day. After a day or two we received a sample of our invitation by E-Mail – and we loved it very much.
After a week or so, we came by to pick up the invitations. The reactions of our guests were amazing!! That was definitely an invitation that changed – if ever so slightly – the guests’ responses.
Asaf and Ran – a huge ‘thank you’ for your courteous and professional service, and especially for the amazing invitation!
We will definitely meet again in the future under equally happy circumstances.
Liel & Udi


Hi Asaf,
The invitations you produced for us are really one of the things we would be happy to recommend!
Here is our recommendation:
While preparing for our wedding, we were strict and meticulous about each and every detail, and it was important for us that everything will be unique and of the best quality. Even before the wedding, we wanted our guests to know that it was not going to be “just another wedding”, “another fine to pay”, but something different… While surfing the Internet, we came across the invitations by PaperBoutique, and although we live in Haifa, we decided to go for it! The service was courteous and efficient, we received the invitations by courier to our home and assembled them ourselves, which became yet another experience on the way to the wedding. Distributing the invitations was one of the most fun things in the organization process: owing to the excited response of everyone who received the invitation, we wanted to deliver them personally to as many people as possible! The invitation is very special, made from high-quality paper, it contains a 3D image in very high resolution – something you don’t get to see very often… This invitation conveyed originality and quality, just as we wanted.
Newlyweds always say in their recommendations “to this day people are complimenting us for this and that at the wedding,” but in our case, to this day, people who meet us compliment us mainly for our wedding invitations! People passed the invitations to their friends/parents, just to show them; people who were not invited to the wedding were excited by the invitations when they saw them through their friends… In short, it was one of our best decisions in organizing the wedding.
We warmly recommend and thank the team at PaperBoutique for the amazing invitation, and hope we have a chance to use their beautiful invitations in our future celebrations.
Anat & Adi


To Asaf and the entire team,
Thank you very much for the lovely invitations and the charming attitude!
On the PaperBoutique website, we discovered a whole new world of special and highly creative invitations that you cannot find anywhere else. With the help of the staff we found the invitation that suited us perfectly: something simple, classic but very special and not too expensive.
Everyone who received the invitation was very excited, and it was an excellent opening to the most exciting day of our life.
Thanking you and recommending warmly,
Hanna & Alon


We came to PaperBoutique pursuant to a friend’s recommendation, and after we had checked out other places that “specialize” in laser cutting and were not particularly impressed. We met with Asaf and found a person with infinite patience who helped and adapted an invitation that was exactly right for our requirements and preferences. Having closed the deal, we stated that we needed the invitations within a very short time, and Asaf did everything he could and beyond to meet the deadline, despite delays on our part. He was serious, talented, professional, available and most importantly – caring!
Needless to say, we received amazing compliments and feedback on our invitations.
While planning your wedding, you will meet with many service providers. For us, PaperBoutique were the most amazing.
It is important to remember that the invitation is very important to the event as a whole. It gives the guests a taste of the type of event they will be attending, and there is no doubt that an invitation by PaperBoutique will reflect an elegant, prestigious and meticulous event – a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event.
Ma’ayan & Roy


Professionalism, perfectionism, creativity and willingness to really make an effort so that everything turns out perfect and to the customer’s satisfaction. In our case it included a repeat printing of all of the invitations at no additional charge… We recommend wholeheartedly.
Simona & Moshe


I had searched for special invitations that would be to my taste for a long time… I was willing to invest any budget that may be necessary, only to find something that I would have been happy to receive and post on the refrigerator.
After numerous attempts and visits to several invitation businesses, I was despaired of seeing the same tacky designs, on the same paper types, with the same tired graphics and the same laser-cutting patterns…
Finally, I met Asaf from PaperBoutique, who succeeded in understanding, after a brief meeting, the design trend I had in mind and prepared a sample invitation of a lace pattern laser-cut with amazing precision, just like I had imagined…
Asaf had warned me that the design was complex and may not turn out 100% accurate, but when the result arrived, I realized that Asaf did not settle for almost-excellent and executed an additional series of special cuts so that the invitation would turn out really perfect, without even the slightest flaw. He never said a word or demanded extra money for all that additional work…
So I want to say thank you, Asaf, for your patience, understanding, professionalism, and infinite niceness that provided me with precisely – but precisely – the invitation I wanted! There’s no one else like you!!!
Adi & Itay


A heartfelt letter of recommendation,
PaperBoutique was love at first sight. A small and unusual firm that offers a unique option for event invitations. It was the first firm we checked out, and after that we did not have to look any further. Asaf, the contact person, is a charming and professional person who accompanied us from beginning to end, always with a smile. The warm responses of the people who received our invitations were worth everything to us! In addition to the wedding invitations, we also ordered invitations to our Hina event, wine glass ornaments and seating cards. Everything was designed and produced with impeccable taste and uniqueness.
Thanks for everything!
Sari & Eitan


Dear Asaf and everyone at PaperBoutique!
It is difficult for us to verbally describe the infinite courtesy, dedication, patience, professionalism and effort that characterized your cooperation with us from the very first moment.
A wedding is a significant and exciting event, and with your help we managed to create a different, innovative and special concept – from the invitations and seating cards to the giveaway mementos.
All along the way, we found you attentive and sincerely willing to help and assist in the best and most professional manner possible!
We were surprised and especially moved by the amount of compliments we received from everyone around us, we look forward to working with you again in the future and, naturally – we warmly recommend you!
Michal & Gilad


Amazing invitations – classic and tasteful!
Our invitees never received such amazing invitations… We received compliments continuously!
Asaf is a true professional!
I warmly recommend (PaperBoutique) to anyone looking for something different, special, interesting and elegant.
Thanks for the creativity!
Hedva & Dudi


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