Custom-Designed Wedding Invitations

Dreaming of a custom-designed wedding invitation?

This is the time to stop dreaming and contact PaperBoutique. Our designers will be delighted to help you customize our invitations to the design and branding theme of your event, using our specialized paper design techniques. Our invitation designs may be customized to serve as wedding invitations, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah invitations, Bris/Brita invitations or invitations to any other prestigious event, private or social.
During your meeting with one of our designers at our office, you will be able to receive explanations about our various collections, select the most appropriate type of paper and font and generally consult on anything relating to the design of your invitations and the event in general. As part of our cooperative way of designing your invitation, you may get a firsthand impression of our special branding products: surprising wine glass ornaments, personally-branded serviette rings, gift boxes with the names of the bride and groom laser-cut onto them, personalized seating cards and more.
We invite you to contact us by E-Mail or telephone and set up a meeting.

An Exciting Memento for the Guests

A new way to capture and preserve the happy moments from the event is provided by the specialized KeepON invitation, which converts into a picture frame. These special invitations are based on designs from our Duo collection, developed especially for this purpose.
These custom-designed wedding invitations (a PaperBoutique exclusive) convert, through a quick process of unfolding a hidden kickstand, into a surprising picture stand with a special laser-cut frame – an exciting memento for your guests from a very special event.
Your excitement about the wedding begins when you hand the invitation to your guests. Immediately thereafter, the guest who had received your invitation will become excited. Your special invitation constitutes a memento from your event, along with a warm personal memory provided by the photograph inserted into the special frame. Your wedding is bound to stir a lot of excitement and memories – before the actual event and definitely after the event.

PaperBoutique – You can Start Getting Excited

The invitations by PaperBoutique were designed and intended to convey prestige and a sense of special excitement in anticipation of the wedding. The invitations were designed by the best designers in the business, and are produced using a special, advanced paper design technique. This technique makes it possible to attain results and a degree of delicacy that were once attainable only with handmade creations.

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