Sharon & Ishay – Wedding Invitation

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Price: 7 NIS for invitation (quantity of 100 units)

Card Size: 15/15 cm.
A great nature theme wedding invitation that your guests will love to receive. Send it away or give it by hand and wait for the amazing responses.


Special Wedding Invitation card that reflects your Personal style & taste suitable for a glamorous event. Our one-of-a-kind wedding invitation cards are available in a variety of metallic papers.


You can also take the invitation experience to a new level with the  KeepON invitation


This  is a Unique wedding invitation and way to provide your guests an exciting keepsake from the event. This special invitation  transforms into an amazing picture frame. After the event, the guest replaces the printed invitation with a picture of the newlyweds couple.

In this way we gave a special Wedding Invitation and special keepsake for our guests.


Paperboutique’s expert designers staff can be reached by Email and/or Phone. We will be happy assist you and walk you through the ordering process as well as provide the overall investment.

Congratulations to you and your loved one! Our best wishes to you both!

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